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Cascade - Un rayon de soleil Religious

Cascade - Un rayon de soleil

"Un rayon de soleil" contains all the typical ingredients of the best Christian folk albums: top-class musicianship,...

25 Février 2017

Bidulfolk - Veillée (1977) Le coin des 45t, Folk - folk-rock - country

Bidulfolk - Veillée (1977)

"Veillée" is the first record ever released by Bidulfolk that is better known for its self-titled album, also released...

23 Février 2017

Apostrophe - La brebis perdue + Soyez mes témoins Religious

Apostrophe - La brebis perdue + Soyez mes témoins

Apostrophe, one of the more interesting bands on the Trinité label (and surely the most psychedelic of them all)...

21 Février 2017

La troupe du bonhomme - Maître Pipo School-college

La troupe du bonhomme - Maître Pipo

Was there a better way to illustrate the content of this odd concept album about a puppeteer called Maître Pipo...

19 Février 2017

Les Pascalines - Varsovie Religious

Les Pascalines - Varsovie

This rare and virtually unknown EP is the only record ever released by Les Pascalines, an all-female Christian...

13 Février 2017

Alain Requien - Le malespoir Psychedelic Poetry

Alain Requien - Le malespoir

"Le malespoir" is a warmly recommended poetry album alternatively dominated by creepy organ and captivating arpeggio...

12 Février 2017

Brasero - En passant (1978) Pop-folk

Brasero - En passant (1978)

Brasero is two friends who used to play guitar and sing together and a few women guests for vocals and background...

1 Février 2017