I'm amazed by how the past few years have been marked by the inflation of the school project albums, that no one want a few years back. There is a chance in a million to find a truly remarkable LP like Reality From Dream, but they are the kind of records that instantly look curious and desirable for whatever reason. Sometimes, we buy them for the cover only - their artistic value more than their musical content. In this particular case, it's certainly not the cover which led me to buy the Horley County Secondary School album, but I must say that I adore its simple and rustic look, and the way it aged - Rutherford Chang mode on. It's like finding a very old wine at the bottom of the ocean and don't know what to expect. Was there a drawing on the cover, lost in time (I got the confirmation that no)? Sometimes, it's their naive charm that interest us, our wishes of escaping from a sick and mad world, fallen back to childhood when everything was still possible, and dreaming. Yes, dreaming. 

Only one copy is known of this piece of history, making it one of the rarest albums of its kind. But it is any good? On a scale where Courtyard Music Group is the best of the best (please, buy it now!) and St.Dunstan's College the epitome of mediocrity, this album falls in between. As always with the UK school project albums, there is not enough guitar and too much piano for my tastes, but we have here one of the rare examples where the recipe works pretty well, due in part to sweet and lovely female vocals from very young ladies and whimsical percussions. Firstly performed on 3rd March 1971, The Work of the Weavers was the first show of the school (many followed). The first act tells the story of the five major spinning and weaving inventions of the Industrial Revolution. The second act is a tragic love story of a young couple trying to escape the claustrophobia of the Mills.  

Spinning Jenny? 

Unknown title 

Unknown title 

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