"Chansons traditionnelles d'Alsace" is the second album of the band "Richard Weiss un d'stüd'ente" composed of people from 21 to 86 years old, every social standing (students, peasants, workers…) and different places (Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Ebersheim, Selestat), an unlikely "wedding" wich gave to this LP its name. Some of the songs are also about that thematic, over intend to show what kind of music can be played in Alsace when it's time to let your hair down and party. The result can't be anything else than heterogeneous and amateur (including a few cappella songs) but most of the album is pleasant enough Alsatian trad folk, the only real miss being "Unter dr erbselaub" (singing totally off-key, with just piano accompaniment). The best cut is by far the surprising ten minutes long song called "Zwölf gebote gottes", an eerie piece with female vocals, bells and a weird, hard to describe atmosphere, looking like a pagan ceremony despite being inspired by a lost Christian ritual which consisted of questioning the groom about his knowledge of catechism. The album comes with an insert with many pictures of the elderly who took part to that project, and is of course an interesting testimony from the past.

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